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Introducing video reviews

Use short videos to review your favorite hotels & vacation rentals. Because a video is worth more than a thousand words!

Discover more
Discover more

A few more things you’re going to love

  • Commission-free accommodations

    Unlike our competitors, b0arding is a commission-free platform saving you up 20% when book with us vs. other vacation rentals.

    Pay only for your rental experience

    Get the cheapest living experience

  • Peace of mind with our insurance

    We provide the option to add low cost travel insurance to our guests, and property protection policies for hosts. Better safe than sorry!

    Get your travel medical insurance

    Protected homes from any damages

  • Video and chat communication tools

    Watch a video tour, snap a clip to introduce yourself, leave a live review, or use our secured chat 24/7

    See the recorded welcome video from host

    Communicate with your host in an online chat

  • Safety all around

    Our verification system checks hosts' and guests' details such as name, address, government ID, and more to confirm their identity.

    Goverment ID verification

    Data verification

For Hosts

Are you a host?

List your space and start earning money. No transaction feed, no credit card feed, low commision. Make more money with b0arding.

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